Missing British sub HMS E18 spotted

Image: Reuters Pictures

The British naval submarine HMS E18, seen here in an undated handout photo, has been found on the seabed close to the Estonian island of Dago by a Swedish marine survey company after having been missing for over 90 years, local media reported on October 23, 2009. The 55-meter (181 foot) submarine disappeared with all hands in the Baltic Sea during routine exercises in May 1916. The leader of search operations and owner of the marine survey company MMT, Carl Douglas, was able to locate the vessel with the help of maps detailing the location of mines on the Baltic Sea bed, according to a statement by MMT.

from: http://www.daylife.com/photo/0aYof5f7us4LQ

More info on the vessel:

There is a short youtube clip with some (Very little) footage.

Possibility of a documentary