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North Africa SAS

British heavily armed patrol of L Detachment SAS in their jeeps, just back from a three month patrol, 18 Jan 1943; note twin-mounted Vickers K machine guns and Arab-style head dresses.

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With a little digging (Google)

Positive this is a double post

Schuultz your killing me jk.I just went forward and backwards to double check and don’t see it.

One of the most famous photographs to come out of WW2…

They sure are carrying a lot of Jerry Cans. Obviously must be water as I sure wouldnt like the idea of sitting with all that feul around me.

IMHO this is petrol. There is no need of ten jery cans of watter for a two man, but iff you performing long range recon, (whih was the LRDG speciality)with the jeeps one fuel tank you dont go very far, because this vas a thirsty wehicle, especialy in the dessert. If the jery can is hitted with a simple bullet, not a tracer or incendiary it should not cath fire.

The Germans marked their water jerry cans with a large white X, does anyone know the British did something similar?