Official rank of Bormann and Goebbels at Hitler's death for my book

I wondered if someone could help me.
I am writing a book to be published later this year (this will be my 11th book).
The first part is set in Berlin in 1945 and I need to know how (ie what rank etc) an SS Staff Sergeant would refer to Bormann and Goebbels when talking to a member of the Hitler Youth. I have tried to research it via the internet but cannot find the answer.
As a matter of interest my mother was engaged to a Canadian bomber pilot and was due to marry him in July 1943. He and his whole crew went missing-in-action in June 1943, my mother was 18 at the time. I do have a couple of pictures of him which I can post if anyone is interested. My mother was in the WAAF and was home on leave at her parents’ home in Coventry the night of the big raid. She and my Nan were hiding under the kitchen table when the front of the house was blown off. My grandfather (a policeman) was blown down the police station steps and had his pelvis broken in three places. Everyone that he had been talking to was killed outright.
Hope this is of interest, I would be most grateful re Bormann and Goebbels