On Wings We Conquer

Don’t miss your chance to read “On Wings We Conquer” and “The Dead Don’t Count”. These two books were a labor of love, written by John H. Mitchell with many years of help from his daughter Katie. She is now offering the books in hopes of sharing and preserving her father’s memory, as well as those who fought beside him in the 19th and 7th bomb groups.

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On Wings We Conquer: http://goo.gl/E6IICZ
The Dead Don’t Count: http://goo.gl/En9tFz

On Wings We Conquer (In Alis Vincimus):
John Mitchell’s “On Wings We Conquer” fills an important gap in American history. It seems almost unbelievable that it has taken fifty years for the factual story of the 19th Bombardment Group and its men and planes to finally be told.
There have been other accounts of those desperate days, but they were incomplete at best. Some were purely personal recollections, severely restricted by wartime censorship, others were broad overviews based on limited factual material.
Considering the circumstances it is not surprising that detailed day-to-day records were rarely kept, but the task facing John Mitchell was daunting. He had to piece his history together from personal recollections, diaries, and the sparse documentations that was available. This is history the hard way, but the results more than justify the effort.
America’s first bombing mission of World War II, the Royce mission, the MacArthur rescue mission - all “old” stories, Until John Mitchell tells them fully and accurately for the first time. Sometimes the legend pales against the truth, but more often it is the opposite. The story of Captain Harl Pease is a classic example, and this book finally sets the record straight.
This is an important book about a proud time in America’s history.
(Introduction by Steve Birdsall)

The Dead Don’t Count:
Meet Curt Summers and his friends, Tex, as they seek a college education to enable them to cope with a hectic economy.
Go with them as they answer their country’s call for service.
Experience the rigors of military training as they become Air Force pilots.
Get acquainted with Curt’s crew as they prepare for combat.
Puzzle over the enigmatic Lt. Carlos Blue – what was the reason for the strange and bitter feud between Blue and the gunner, Vincent.
Go with the green crew as they first experience the dread and fear of bombing missions.
Fly along with Curt and the crew of the B-17, Linda Lou, on a desperate mission to destroy a secret war plant far into Nazi Europe.
Thrill as Curt by chance meets his sweetheart, the army nurse, Lee, in war ravaged North Africa.
And finally fly with the Linda Lou’s last mission as they strike at the very heart of Hitler’s fortress, Berlin; and the futile struggle to return to the safety of their home base.