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One is bolt action, the other semi-automatic

Three U.S. Marines point Springfields .303 bolt action rifles toward enemy territory from a sand-bagged foxhole on the front lines on Guadalcanal on Oct. 14, 1942. Not all Marine units were equipped with M-1 Garand rifles until the campaign was almost over.

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Agreed, though it’s an easy error to make, the 1903 Springfield, and the M-1 Garand Rifle were both issued in Caliber .30. Civilian 30-06, Military designated them as Cartridge M-1, with a 174 grain bullet, and Cartridge M-2 , having a 152 gain bullet. These included Ball, Armor Piercing, Tracer, and dummy training cartridges. Historically, the Spring field 30-06 (meaning caliber .30,with the year of adoption, 1906. ) has proven a very versatile cartridge, suitable for loading for small game, up to dangerous game animals.