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Panther tank

tank at the test site

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Pink Panther? Looks like it had extra armor bolted to the front and sides.

The stuff that looks like extra armor is ballast added to prototypes to compensate for extra equipment and ammo not carried during trials. It keeps the center of gravity and moments of inertia (notice the one up on the turret wall)where they will be in a fully-equipped tank. More important than you would think for suspension tuning during development.

@Tanker6. May I ask you a question, for my ‘guidance’: how do you know so much detailed info about the tanks in general? Do you have any personal experience on the matter?<br />Anyway, nice to read from you :slight_smile:

I’m gonna bet Tankers is an ex-tanker or military service member, who has seen the effects in person. Impact effect can be seen at tank training areas on target tanks. Interesting comments.