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Partisan rifle

A soldier belonging to the Leibstandarte examines a russian rifle captured from a Yugoslav civilian during the Balkans campaign, 1941.

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Field police is that like an American MP?

As far as I know, yes, if I’m not mistaken they were called ‘chain dogs’ by the german soldiers, because of the distinct identification plate they wore around the neck.

I don’t fancy the partisans chances much

If anyone cares, this seems to be a Semi-Auto Soviet SVT-40. Since, by the days standarts, this would be like finding a fully functioning HK417, I agree with Gren Schell that the Partisan is in a world of trouble. During the time, the German army didn’t even have a decent Semi-Auto rifle of their own, which is probably the reason for the MP’s fascination.

Okay, now I’m curious. At this angle and resolution, what are you folks seeing that distinguishes this as a SVT-40 rather than an SVT-38?

Hi Ardee! It was a good question :slight_smile: But this is exactly not SVT-38, but may be SVT-40 or AVT-40
(semi-automatic or automatic) And we can not identify more clear because it possible only from the right side of the rifle not left :slight_smile: