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Red Swastika Society

members of the Red Swastika Society in nanking in january 1938

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The swastika is a very ancient symbol, very ancient. In the runic traditions, it is one of the most powerful symbols, it’s the sun. Many cultures around the world worship the sun. Even today many corporate logos (BP) incorporate the Sun symbol. The Nazis took the swastika and turned in 45 deg on its side, hence the term: Bent Cross. So, what they are holding has no reference to the Nazis.

Had to do a search on this. Based on the official website for the ‘World Red Swastika Society’, the history is:
“The World Red Swastika Society is a Taoist voluntary organisation. It traces its history to the Red Swastika Society founded in China in 1922 as a philanthropic branch of the Society of Dao and Virtue. The society’s movement is similar to the Red Cross but is grounded on Buddhism and Taoism.” It still exists. Not sure it relates directly to WW2.

the navajo also used this symbol . They banned it for good in the 44 or 45 I beleive , as many native north americans fought for the allies in ww2 .

Actually, Bent Cross refers to the bents (hooks) of the arms of the cross, no matter whether the cross as a whole is turned 45 degrees or not. <br /><br />

Other than that, you are correct. In itself, the Swastika had no relation to the Nazi-cause. Hitler nonetheless considered it a historical Germanic symbol (which it was - except not exclusively). In this, he wasn’t alone. Plenty of nationalistic and/or conservative German groups, freikorps, etc used it following the end of collapse of the German Empire, long before Hitler and the Nazi Party made it their trademark symbol.<br /><br />

Furthermore, another important reason why Hitler chose the Swastika was because of its hypnotic nature. <br />
And with that he was most certainly correct.