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Romanian Infantryman.

Romanian Infantryman with mp-40. Reenactment.

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If you can’t change the tire, why don’t shoot the picture from the other side? He handles the MP40, like it has been a chocolate weapon…

Well, of course, the view might have been even worse on the other side… :wink:

Helmet looks too small- probably these days right size helmets is hard too get, so thei take what thei can gett.

Uniform is OK(I hope so).Boots are similar to my Polish boots that I still possess after my adventure with reenactment : ) Belt,harness and rifle pouch looks also OK.The bag on the belt looks like a Polish bag wz.33(color and shape is the same)
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The “trousers’ stripes” on his legs are not well-done.Helmet is too small.MP-40,let’s say OK.
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He doesn’t looks truly natural but is very interresting.Rifle pouch brings my eyes.Boots,too.On his belt I can see a sidecap.I am interrsted if Romanian reenactment uses Polish equipment.