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Sd Kfz 233 under new management ..

US soldiers take a ride in captured German Sd Kfz 233 heavy armoured car, North Africa, 1943. These vehicles were relations of the Sd Kfz 231, but with substanial adaptations to allow the 75cm. KwK37 "short" 75mm gun (as used on early Pz Kpfw IV tanks), with very limited traverse, to be mounted. A relatively rare vehicle (total production run of 119 between December 1942 and October 1943), these vehicles were used on the Ostfront and in North Africa, by armoured reconaissance units. Their rugged qualities and good hitting power in close infantry support made them popular with the Panzerarmee Afrika - the original owners of this example, I think. Best regards, JR.

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JR; Great pic. I’d like to use that for commuting. Wonder how fast it would go on pavement?

I don’t think that you can run very fast on the pavement. But the speed isn’t very important, if you’re cruising downtown with a monster like this one…

These vehicles were capable of about 85kph/53mph, with range of 300km/190 miles. I have been unable to determine whether this could be achieved over the top of suburban automobiles … Best regards, JR.

I think automobiles will stop this beast- even with al eight wheel drive the of road performance was not veryy good. But i thin in case of cars the short barreled gun wil hellp alot.