Soviet invasion of Finland 30 Sept 1939

On this day 30 Nov 1939 Soviet Union began their invasion of Finland. (Winter War).
Moscow expected a quick victory. Where have I heard that before?

“Moscow expected a quick victory. Where have I heard that before?” - you haven’t heard it - Poland have survided it in 1939. Moscow started a liberation compain 17 september 1939 and within 3 weeks has fully reached its aims and finished in Brest.

A Short History Of The* ‘Winter War’

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It was a three month war not three weeks. Just like the mighty Russian Land Forces and Airborne were supposed to take Kyiv within three days… :slight_smile:

What were the “aims”?

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I don’t kow what was the aims, but i guess no one side wish the conflict to be short. All sides is searching a long bloody war. But not nuqlear - to prevent total destruction. This war looks like a poxy-war for alien interests. But anyway putin is an idiot if he start if first. Honestly, i hoped for quick defeat to russian army - nobody sane in russia wanted this war - but surprisingly west don’t wish the quick russian defeat. They provide a very dozen mlitary help wich is not enough the ukrainian forces to win. NATO is spinning it’s military machine cut the social sphere, russia is going directly to war economy and fascism. Both sides seems have a good deal))) Nothig personal , just capitslistic imperialism. So If I were you, I wouldn’t be glad and sarcastic - for ordinary people like you and me there is nothing positive. The so called “elites” start the tightening the screws for all of us.

It was a three month war not three weeks[/quote]
If wiki does not lie ( i believe it happend) the soviet-polish conflict of 1939 was dated 17sep-6oct.

Hey Chevy, the war is dated from the end of November to the middle of March 1939-40…

Do Soviet authorities have different dates… :slight_smile: :wink:

Careful my friend. Although guessing this opinion is creeping up in the FSB and MOD…

Moscow liberating Poland, this is new to me :slight_smile: