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Stiff Upper Whiskers - a Tail of the London Blitz.

This is Faith, church cat at Church of England (Episcopalean) Church of St Augustine's and St Faith's, Watling Street, London. She was awarded the Dicken Medal in Silver, and a silver medal from the Greenwich Village Humane Society of New York, for her her courage in sheltering her kitten (Panda - he was black and white) in a hidey-hole in the rectory basement, to which she had retreated from her more comfortable position upstairs, in the course of a severe bombing raid on the night of 9 September, 1940. The church and rectory were, basically, battered and burned to destruction by the Luftwaffe, but Faith continued to shield her kitten, under a heap of smouldering rubble, until rescued by her human friends the following day. Shortly afterwards, the remainder of the church fell down, destroying her position of refuge. Faith resumed her life as church cat, dying peacefully some years later on her mat in front of an ecclesiastical fireplace. The kitten, Panda, went on to a successful career as resident cat in a care home. Yes, I know - this will seem silly to many In Here. But consider. Apart from the fact that it is true, Faith's story became widely known in London at the time, and must have contributed to the morale of many hard-pressed Londoners. Her courage and endurance reflected something that Londoners hoped to find in themselves - and generally did. I am a cat person, by the way ... Best regards, JR.

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Poor Faith - she survived the Luftwaffe, but the Upload Gremlins got her ! A bit like the fate of Malta - they survived the Luftwaffe, but now find their air connections largely dependent on Ryanair … Best regards, JR.

I’m a cat person too and find these things very interesting, after all animals endured the war as well. Your reply about Malta had me in stitches.

I think it’s a great story JR, as others have agreed. Not every photo or comment posted here need be full of blood and guts, or motor oil and mud to qualify as WW2 in Color, worthy. I can well imagine Londoners following the continuing exploits of Faith and her helpless charge, Panda with bated breath! Little slices of ordinary life would have been cherished Im sure. Now if Faith had two sister kitties named Hope and Charity, Im sure a book and a movie would have followed!

Thanks for that fine story JR.I have 2 cats myself so to me it isn’t a silly story and your reflection on the effect of the cat’s story on the moral of the Londoners is in my view 100% true.Greetz,brummbar

Great story JR. My 3 cats also raised my moral more then once. That purr is enough to melt even the coldest heart and bring peace and hope to the most troubled mind. Cheers, Neutral.