The "Pacificator" Rifle images

This Rifle was conceived at the time of the Civil War, but never saw service, it was far ahead of its time, a 48 shot repeating rifle, a Cartridge firearm having a rolling chamber, using two rollers which when indexed would form the chamber. A round was dropped into the rollers as they indexed, completing the chambering, and after discharge, the rollers indexed again by means of a side lever, dropping the spent case out of the gun, while loading a fresh round from one of 8 tubular magazines arranged around the central barrel. As a magazine was emptied, the mag assembly was rotated by hand to line up a loaded mag with the receiver, and firing could continue. I believe that this Rifle was intended for use by the confederacy, but never was put into use. I will post images once I figure out how to add them in the new system.

Very interesting, thanks for posting this!

I had posted about this Rifle a long time ago, I’d recalled reading about it in either Guns and ammo magazine, or American Rifleman. I couldn’t recall the name of the builder, or what it was called, and could not find any info on it. Then, someone does an article, so I decided to post on it again. This Rifle would have been a game changer had it been possible for the confederacy to mass produce it. Wouldn’t have been long before the Union captured some and did the same. From what I’d read originally, the designer outright gifted the design to the Confederacy, but they were unable to produce it in sufficient numbers.