Unit Identification Help

I am doing a shadowbox for my mother-in-law in honor of her husband. I have his DD-214 for both his WWII and Korean War service but I am having trouble understanding the correct units/division he was in during the Korean War.

His DD-214; It shows he was in the ERC Quartermaster Corp assigned in the 5th Army District. Further it list his most significant Duty Assignment as Composite Service Company 8023 AU Camp Mower APO 27. I know that Camp Mower was in Japan and he has a Japan Logical Command Patch. I assume his collar disc would be a Quartermaster however in his possession I found an Engineers disc and no Quartermaster disc. Which would be correct. What is 3023 AU as I don’t find any reference to it and would his left shoulder patch be the JLC and the right the 5th Army? He never spoke of his WWII and Korean service and now that he is gone I wish I had known about his service so I could ask him.

One doesn’t find much information on the Quartermaster Corp and the role they played during the Korean War.

I really appreciate any help anyone could give me.