Unknown writing on cheese cloth.


Just wondered if anyone could help me out.

I’m not sure of the full story but my grandfather fled Estonia into Germany in WW2, before finally arriving in Australia in 1949 from Naples, Italy. He was given a piece of cheese cloth by his mother with some form of writing on it and was told that if he was questioned to show the cloth to that person. While on a train he was asked by an officer for a ticket/identification; which he didn’t have; and when threatened with arrest he showed the cloth and was let go.

I’m probably missing some information, but would anyone have any idea what it may mean.

I’ve attached a few photos.


This sounds very interesting! Have you considered posting this on a Russian or Estonian language forum?

I would really like to hear more about this!

Wow that is one interesting story. It seems that this was some kind of secret pass thing that let them travel to certain locations?!