Us president to ban Trans military members...

Donald Trump’s tweets announcing plans to ban all Trans individuals from serving in any capacity were met by shock and criticism. He cited advice from his generals and medical costs as key factors in the decision but it has a far reaching impact on the people who currently and in future choose to serve the united states. What do you think about the decision?

Being the Commander in Chief of U.S. Armed forces, it is within his purview to do so. The U.S. military is not a laboratory to conduct any sort of experiments in. It is the Defense of the Nation, and cannot afford distractions of any sort that might lessen it’s effectiveness. Resources are never plentiful, and their use must be wisely considered in order to remain dominant on the Battlefield. Personally, I support the decision, it was made through the advice, and information supplied by the various levels of Command within the Armed Forces. These people tell the President what they need in order to get the job done, and he makes the call accordingly. This is not about being fair, Life has never been fair, nor has the military. It is about protecting the citizens of the United States, and the land that makes it up.

Trump can do so, but doing it via Twitter is just douchey. That’s not how you do policy. Apparently, despite his blatant lie to the contrary, his senior military commanders were caught off guard by his Tiwttering…

Good. Transgenders only join to get gree surgeries.

They don’t and are a complete nonissue. The senior military commanders were caught off guard by the decision and wanted no part of it. But to put this in context, males getting ****-hardening pills like Viagra cost several times more than any transgender personnel…

Has he banned “pansexuals” also ? I came across this term recently. As far as I can make out, this term refers to someone who will sleep with anyone or any thing … but I could be wrong. Yours from Trumpton, JR.

If your definition is correct, then the World’s Militaries are already peopled by Pansexuals. (At least from what I’ve seen on a Saturday Night in germany.)

So far as heterosexual servicemen are concerned in sleeping with women, I thought it was mandatory. Although one needs to distinguish between willingness to sleep with any woman and actually succeeding in sleeping with one, where the ratio is very much in favour of willingness vastly exceeding success.

Well, unless they have DM40 or in the present day, Euro’s in their pocket,then there will be a large number of “Taxi Dancers” available for their needs. In our area of Germany, Nurnberg was the hotspot for those young lotharios pining for the feminine touch. Though in reality, if one wasn’t a complete moron, finding a decent girlfriend in Germany was not all that difficult. And if they were, well then 40 marks got the job done.

How, i thouhg this exactly the way the state department publish thier “profs” against foreign involvenment in US elections? The modern informational technologies of warfare.

My point is that Trump circumvented his own military high command and just vents his peeves on Twitter without considering anything else…

Jr No lol he doesn’t seem to care about a persons sexual preference just their gender identity. A Pansexual is somone emotionaly atracted to another person regardles of sex or gender identity.

Oh well. From what we have seen of the Trumpster, and his level of consistency, I suppose that the status of Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvania will be compulsory for admission to West Point, at least for the period of next week. Honestly, it would be better if he was a bit more predictable. Yours from The George, JR.

Agreed trump is all over the place, thanks.

I wonder if he’s being all over the place on so many issues by design or if his flip-flopping is genuine. What do you guys think? But I suppose that’s slightly going off-topic.

He’s desperately pandering to the Evangelical portion of his base on a faux-moral imperative…