Use of cameras in combat areas

Greetings, all. I am glad to have joined you at WW2 in Color.

Were British infantry in combat areas of North Africa allowed to carry and use cameras? I am building a historical diorama and would like to get it right.

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If you go over to the pictorial side of the Site you will find no end of British images to pour over. It’s a separate sign-up, but well worth the time. Just click on the "Home " button beneath the V bulletin Label on the left side of the page header, that takes you to the photo side.
As to common soldiers having cameras, I’m pretty sure they did, though conditions would have been less than optimal for their use at times. All Services had combat Photographers among their forces as well. (probably to catch the Generals when they did something right)

Thanks, Tankgeezer. I found a useful photo with the following in its thread, from Josh Johnson (Sat 09 Jan 2016 12:04:40 AM EST): “I am almost positive I have a picture of one of these tanks that my grandpa took with his own camera.” I will take that to represent due diligence for my diorama.

The use of private cameras in combat areas was not, per-se forbidden, but was nonetheless officially discouraged. This info from my late uncle, a veteran of El Alamein, Alam Haifa, Crete, and Monte Cassino.

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Uyraell, thanks for the information. I now have a related question: What did British combat photographers wear for identification? I have found a couple of photos of U.S. correspondent Ernie Pyle with a dark armband bearing a large letter “C.” eBay offers lots of badges that say “British War Correspondent” or “British War Photographer,” but they would not have been much use beyond close inspection. I have found no further information.

Might be worth contacting these people for information or other sources.

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Pay dirt! The gentleman who runs this website is very knowledgeable and glad to look to his contacts for what he doesn’t know. Thanks, Rising Sun.