vietnam docu script, seeking feedback, thank you


My name is Shigeaki Uchiyama (from Japan) and I wrote a documentary script dealing with the true issues and meaning of the Vietnam War.

I sincerely believe this project will help people to get a better understanding of the Vietnam War and current armed conflicts around the world.

Please if you have the time, review my script at:

I realize I wrote this script from a Japanese point of view, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions and feedback to change and improve the script.

Please share this site with your friends and if you are interested in helping me realize this project please contact me at:

Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Shigeki Uchiyama

I don’t have time to review things now, but have you ever seen the (US Public Television) documentary “Vietnam: The 10,000 Day War”?

Like Hello? It’s taking like my whole lunch time to open this site up and then it say’s:“LOADING” for like half an hr. I tried it so many times. Is it just me or does the site take a leap year to open? I get all exscited thinking how great it would be to learn about vietnam war then when I try to get into the site, its like the twilight Zone with the never ending LOADING sign. God!

It works for me…

I tried it again and all I see is a revolving grey timer saying Loading and it never finishes loading. Is it a video or a script, cause my computer at work is banned from streaming video for some stupid reason I won’t get into. Maybe thats why I can’t open it.It must have a video componant attached to it, cause I tried it many times before inputting my 2 cents about it. If it is my stupid computer then I apologize…(But it still don’t open).:oops: