Why we should send New Zealand troops into North Korea

Assuming that the cunning fat little bastard with the wasted Swiss education and funny haircut decides to unleash his huge arsenal of two or three nuclear weapons onto the rest of the world, which he won’t, and that the other cunning fat little bastard with little evidence of any education and an even funnier orange haircut decides to reply in kind, which he won’t because he’s another big mouth, or vice versa, I reckon we should send in the New Zealanders to sort out North Korea, and maybe America, before things get out of hand.

This is just New Zealand schoolboys for a retiring teacher. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFGort3K9W8

Much the same for a teacher’s funeral. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvZN-2ilHw

This is just a newly graduated class of prison officers warming up to go to work. O, lucky prisoners! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZAJIVf4lRY

Army recruit training graduations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rDoV0EBu44

This looks like the haka my son did as an Australian soldier with the Kiwis at the end of their tour on East Timor. (No, I can’t post it as he could get into trouble for it.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGh5trM8Zas

A funeral for a fallen New Zealand soldier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI6TRTBZUMM

Makes US cadence singing seem a bit weak. And USMC silent drill team certainly no better than Kiwis .

Work out those moves and compare them with any standard complicated drill, such as advance in review order after a march on with a turn or two and then a march off. This is a long series of very precise moves and generally without commands. Makes Zulus in Zulu film look a bit ragged. As a mate of mine says, the Australian Aborigines should be bloody grateful the British got here before the Maoris.

Actually, we are going to ship both Houses of Congress over to N. Korea, and let them figure it out. Even if Un pops a nuke, the U.S., and by extention the world, will only benefit. :wink: :slight_smile:

That’s a win win. :mrgreen:

Alas, attractive as it is, we won’t be sending our politicians to North Korea as they’re needed here to save your country if the balloon goes up.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says if North Korea launches an attack on the United States, Australia will join the conflict.

Mr Turnbull says the ANZUS treaty would be invoked if the US and North Korea go to war

“America stands by its allies, including Australia of course, and we stand by the United States,” Mr Turnbull told 3AW.

“So be very, very clear on that. If there’s an attack on the US, the ANZUS Treaty would be invoked and Australia would come to the aid of the United States, as America would come to our aid if we were attacked.”

That should produce a huge sense of relief in the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, when Kim Thingy in North Korea hears that, he will shit himself. :rolleyes:

He trembles in his Savile Row Oxfords. He seems to enjoy non Communist cultures when it is for his comfort, let the Peasants eat Grass (when they can find some) compliments of the Central Committee. Un was impressed with Pictures of Teddy Roosevelt riding a Bull Moose, and images of other U.S. Presidents riding Bears, and such great Creatures. He was so impressed that he commissioned a picture of himself riding a great Beast to inspire his people.

And how is this different to Stalin, Mao, Castro and every other champion of the downtrodden masses? :rolleyes: Putin’s halfway there in his bastardised version of communist capitalism, but he’s a long way behind the Chinese communist capitalists, ever the friends of Kimchi Thingy next door as their junkyard dog until, as is now happening, the junkyard dog is getting uncontrollable.

All of whom are just perfect examples of what happens when the politician’s gene is allowed to run rampant in dictatorships, unhindered by the limitations imposed by fully fledged democracies. Same way laissez faire capitalism works in an unregulated economy or, judging by the institutionalised wage fraud imposed on workers by sundry corporations down here, in our supposedly fully fledged democracy. BAH!

Well, your explanation about that picture of Kimchi Thingy was a revelation. I thought the Great Beast was riding the poor bloody sheep.

Anyway, Kim the Dearly Beloved Dim Sim must be really pissed off that his version of Dunkirk didn’t grab Hollywood. Watch to the end for his majestic evacuation (by which I don’t mean his royal communist highness taking a dump). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUOROLyD1d8 And then the small boat evacuation version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLVciTOtwN0

Don’t his people recognise that he’s the only fat bastard among the rest of his starving people?

I’ve resently has analysed who is guilt , installing imposed Putin’s regime on Russia. The answers looks amazing! The current putin’s regime has growed from 90’yy Yeltsyn regime which has been imposed by …Washington;) The Yeltsyn been considered like a “democrat” by yankees so they approved its legitimisation in 1992 and helped to falsify the elections of 1996 for Yeltsyn victory, while if fact the last more or less free elections won the communists. So the US’s rulling oligarhy clan is pretty guilt ( not fooled awerage americans of course) in the current situation in Russia and in imposed nasti oligarhy capitalism which we have now.

:):wink: And let them to take all the kremlin’s mafia along. The Russia will benefit as well, everybody sure

It is amazing that so few people Worldwide can create so much trouble for the rest of it.

It coz the very few peoples realise the real management of the world indeed. All the so called “elections” are faked and staged by media. Everywhere , not just here in putin’s russia. I read it’s no more then few handreds of superrich families who owned by the world. But this is , i guess, could be claimed as conspirasy;)

In Russia, yes they are. Not here, Trump is proof of that…

What is surprising about that?

It’s what the laissez faire capitalists in America, and elsewhere in the world which aren’t countries run by simple dictatorships, want. Except that the original laissez faire principle required no government intervention in commerce, whereas the modern adherents of this ‘dog eat dog as long as I’m the top dog’ economics and the political systems which go with that invariably want lots of government intervention to stop things which might interfere with their ability to plunder their own and all other nations without restraint, starting with hysterical opposition to the right to freedom of association in trade unions and everything else which might give workers even weak rights and powers to defend themselves against the rights and powers of the rich. Read Upton Sinclair’s early 1900s novel ‘The Jungle’ for a description of the world we are heading back to after a century of supposed advancement of workers’ rights and general social advancement.

The ultimate irony is that this hostility to workers usually reaches its zenith in communist (i.e. workers’ paradise) nations run by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Castro and, most currently and most gloriously, Kim Jong un and, with the exception of the last two, where the capitalist / communist economies / political systems have more in common with the freebooting age of America in the late 1800s and early 1900s, along with the even worse colonialist exploitation of supposedly lesser peoples by the European colonial powers up to WWII.

For all their faults in WWII, the Japanese unintentionally (or, sort of, intentionally given the noble anti-colonialist principles of their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, as long as one ignores that Japan intended to replace the European colonial powers with Japanese colonialism under Japan’s military heel) did countless millions of people alive then (well, at least those who survived Japan’s war of aggression; ethnic cleansing such as of Chinese following the fall of Singapore; subsequent occupations; maybe 250,000 non-POW people dying as native labour on the Burma Railway, not to mention countless more on other enterprises; and barbaric retreats such as laying waste to Manila towards the end of their war) and many more born subsequently by sowing the seeds for self-determination of many nations in Asia. Much the same but less directly by collapse of European colonialism for other reasons flowing from WWII in the Middle East and Africa, although with rather less consistent post-colonial success than in Asia.

Given that the big money people in the US are horrified by, for example, the notion that ordinary people should have affordable health care rather than have to pay for it out of the meagre incomes the working poor are graciously allowed by the likes of anti-union capitalists such as Wal-Mart who are the modern incarnation of Henry Ford’s hostility to workers who wanted more than he was willing to give them and had his thugs kill some of them to enforce his bountless generosity, why are you surprised that what you have in Russia is what the same crew of US politicians and their political and economic philosophy want to exploit their own people, and everyone else of similar belief around the planet such as trying to manipulate the pharmaceutical benefits scheme in my country which ensures affordable medications for almost everyone for almost all minor to serious illnesses for as long as they need them, but which really pisses off the US drug companies which can’t make as much profit as they’d like from the illnesses of Australians?

Not that Australia is short of our own politicians of the same conservative selfish outlook who also can’t stand to see anyone but the rich enjoy life, and who can always be relied upon to prostitute themselves at the rich man’s table for a few scraps of political donations to fund their miserable political lives oppressing the legitimate aspirations of average people who want nothing more than their fair share of the wealth grabbed by the rich in the West and the oligarchs in Russia, and the tiny proportion of grasping sociopathic arseholes who infest every society and, like the rotten apple at the bottom of every barrel, ruin it for everyone else.

It’s the same all around the world. Every primary school has at least one bullying shit of a kid who takes lunch money or something else they want off other kids. Thirty plus years later they’re running our major corporations and governments, or criminal organisations which frequently have close links with government and some corporations.

Prof of what? How could the millions of americans who doesn’t wish the troubles with Korea to prevent the possible nuclear conflict in region?
Your Trump or Obama is the same unconrollable Putin. Uncintrollable by masses i mean. The media ( or their owners and behinde the scene) decide everything you think or you do!!

I don’t totally agree with that assessment. The overall belief here is that Russian intell attempted to hack the US elections in order to attack the fair vote democratic process in general and mounted a campaign largely against Clinton, because Putin personally hates her. Trump won by a narrow margin of the Electoral College (but not the popular vote) largely due to disenfranchised white Americans wondering where their factory jobs went. Many of whom voted for Obama and would have again. There is no evidence that vote tallies were changed as America’s voting machines are far to archaic for that. :slight_smile:

Yes, eledctions can be manipulated and laws can be changed around before hand to favor the regime in power - but these manipulations are fairly obvious…

The truth is the South Koreans alone would be enough to overwhelm the North’s Army, which has a very formidable elite force of special operations and some well taken care of infantry, artillery and armored formations kept well fed and paid as sort of a “tip-of-the-spear”. The problem is the shaft of the spear is rotting and starving --and probably does far more agricultural work in fields than military training. But a war would be a massively bloody initial spasm of violence not seen since WWII. What follows would be a rapid collapse of the North regime and the war would be over in weeks, maybe a couple months’ time. Then, South Korea gets to piss away its modern economy not only rebuilding Seoul, but the backward feudal North as well…

Yes , and

  • but these manipulations are fairly obvious…

Then why , if most sane americans are sure it were pure manipulations of media- why then the congress take those fairly manipulations SERIOUSLY? And begin the new anti-russian hysteria and sanctions on a basis of fake manipulation? Who , the hell , rule of this country?

Well , actually it sily to be surprized the fact that america promote and install the oligarhy’s regimes around the globe as bad as it’s own. Where puppet govenments are controlled by few clans. It’s OK. But i’m surprized that most of peoples are zombied and are sure this is RIGHT kind of society - kinda they have a vote in their country. But the facts says the govenments do EVERYTHING against the will of the masses. I meant the wars, artificial crysis finantial bibles and the others thinks the moredn economy could avoid ( as it says).

The ultimate irony is that this hostility to workers usually reaches its zenith in communist (i.e. workers’ paradise) nations run by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Castro

Not sure about others but within Stalin era workes benefited a lot ( compared to tsarist monarhy regime). The 8-hours working day, guaranted medical service, free education and ets- it was a serious progress. Althought the fate of peasants wasn’t so good in USSR. The most of irony - today we have lost all the positive changes of soviet era and got the wild forms of capitalism!. No wonder manies of olds who remember feels nostalgia for the late soviet era. The life then was much better then now.

It’s the same all around the world. Every primary school has at least one bullying shit of a kid who takes lunch money or something else they want off other kids. Thirty plus years later they’re running our major corporations and governments, or criminal organisations which frequently have close links with government and some corporations.

Agree absolutly. But who let this robbers rule by us and grab us?We are. So what is the general conclusions all of that - we shall search the reason of problem not in “external regimes of Korea, Iran and ets” and start a wars by “our own will” with them - we shal opposite to our own criminals in power to fool us.
Is it not overly extremist for our site?:wink: