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It’s a shame no WW1 games have been made (as far as I know) I reckon it might work if designed properly.

WWI: The Great War
There was a TERRIBLE PC games released in 2004 called, World War I and it was stunning in it’s inaccuracy. First off, I would have liked to have seen things like trenches and barbed wire. Instead I saw German tanks and towers with machine guns protecting open, unshelled fields…against cavalry. WTF?

I was seriously perplexed by this game. Why go through all the effort of programming without making in the slightest historical inquiry.

To say this game is crappy is an enormous understatement. The text in is full of typos and seems like the first languange of the programmers wasn’t english. Then the game plays like a RTS where you build barracks and stuff to create thousands of units that you have no hope of clicking and controlling. And there’s some lame excuse that, “contrary to popular belief, WWI wasn’t all about trenches and barbed wire” which is complete bull (except for the Eastern front…but that’s not what is depicted here. In fact, I’m not sure what is depicted. But it’s a sad, sad excuse for a game and isn’t fun - even when belief is suspended.

Wings of War
Another absolute stunner of a game. For PC and Xbox. Another games that paid zero attention to history. It’s a flight game…but I won’t say sim. Did you know that biplanes used missles? Enough said.

But the game itself is beautiful and plays well…in an very arcade like way. But I just couldn’t forgive it for being so far from WWI.

1914:Shells of Fury

A sub sum from WWI! At least they make an effort here to be historically accurate. The only real problem I have with this game is…it’s a sub sim. And pre-sonar so you’re basically blind in the water and it was never fun, IMHO, to be a submariner.

It has Q-ships and is pleasing enough. But I know in my heart, I wanting a good, no great, land game. I was so hopeful when I saw the title…that the shells were in a barrage, not from a solitary deck gun.

That said, this is still the best non-flight WWI game on the market.

Hogs of War
World War I fought by Pigs. Yes, pigs wearing uniforms. That’s as far as I got.

My Game
I am a boardgame designer and I have an awesome idea of how to make a WWI land game that actually works. I’ve got the rules all worked out for a boardgame and the computer game would simply be an expansion of this, using the same basic rule…which I am sure work. Now all I need is a couple millions dollars to put the game into action :slight_smile:






Screen003 looks like the game Blitzkrieg.

There were supposed to be a FPS about WW1 called “to end all wars” but I am not sure when it will come out.Its release date was end of October but nothing happened so I assume it’s been pushed back to an indeterminate date.

I just found a rather fun WWI game…ask and ye shall receive, I guess. At least it’s not painfulyl inaccurate. The controls are a bit limited…but then again, perhaps they are trying to mimic the limited control that battlefield commanders of the day.

Warfare 1917 is a great game, I already played it a while ago. I think the limited control perfectly showcased the way the war was fought:
Go into trenches, wait for inevitable attack, counterattack, get mowed down, go into trenches, wait for attack, counterattack, get mowed down, repeat until dead.

Actually they did use rockets in World War I, the Le Prieur Rockets were used from 1915 to bring down German Airships. As for the parachutes the Germans first started using them in 1918 and Austria-Hungary, France, Italy, and even the United States also used them by war’s end. Britain was the exception to this though (at least for fighter pilots).
It’s by no means a flight sim (for example the first mission to show tanks states that Germany invented them which is false) as you say but they do pay attention to the basics of the technology of the era.
And for the record the British were using both active and passive sonar during world war I.

Historyline 14-18 was the only made as a WW1 PC game I have played ‘hex based but was ok in early 90’s’

My favourite used to be Ironclads on the Amiga. A Dreadnaught naval game.

Best of the more recent has to be the mods for Close Combat 2 and 3 though and even they are long in the tooth now.

first think before you write!
second make the game you are saying (if ever you do it “better” or even half as “good”!) and then complain about others games!

“I am a boardgame designer…” so what, noone asked you!

“Now all I need is a couple millions dollars…” so this is it?!, go bug nefelim for their “creation”!

“…the first languange of the programmers wasn’t english” the first languange doesn’t need to be english!

“In fact, I’m not sure what is depicted” exactly!

“Did you know that biplanes used missles?” ofcourse, what’s your problem if biplanes used missiles at that era (actually they were rockets)

and the usage of rockets was also and in the medieval ages and in the ancient ages

also in 1910 there was a Coanda jet biplane experiment that flew
and also in 1912 there was a Yuriev helicopter experiment that flew

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and also in 1912 there was a Yuriev helicopter experiment that flew”
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