Ww2 hatch cover table . Need help!!!!

I recently purchased a WW2 hatch cover converted into a table. I’ve found a couple on different websites but they are not the same as mine. They all claim to be extremely rare but they don’t have the original brass plate with the actual ship it came off of.

The brass plate reads:


I would love to know just how rare it really is and any other insightful information would be much obliged.
Thank you Dustin[COLOR="#2e8b57"][/COLOR]

could you post a pic or two, it may be useful in finding your answer. I’ve seen jail door tables, but not one made from a hatch cover…:slight_smile:

I’ve seen jail door tables…

Really? Were they accompanied by bar stools? :wink: (Sorry - I have trouble resisting bad puns…)

the measure of a good pun is in the groan it elicits. Well done !

Had a little read about the SS Jim Bridger a Type EC 2 Liberty ship.
Placed as artificial reef between 1975 and 1976 off the coast of Texas in the Gulf of Mexico
Texas Liberty Ship History

Page 25 is specific history of the Jim Bridger. She received her Philippines Liberation Medal in 1945

Are bars’ tools analagous to toads’ tools? :wink:

I just (1/1/2014) ate lunch at Bubba’s BBQ Restaurant at exit 251A on IH45 in Ennis, Texas. Indeed, the table (under a sheet of clear acrylic) had a brass tag which identified it as a part of a hatch cover from the SS Jim Bridger. So when I got to the office I Googled SS Jim Bridger and ended up here. Great BBQ by the way, and some rally nice very large models of WWII aircraft hanging from the ceiling, B-24, P-38, and others. If you get by there, make sure you look for the table and don’t miss the 'nanner pudding. It’s great!
– Doc

Petty Officer from Jim Bridger has been awarded Legion of Honour https://www.rocatwentytwelve.org/uploads/1/2/9/1/12917554/donald_march_d_day_medal.pdf