WWI 100 Years Later

From The Atlantic.com

How does the shell in photo 7 get designated as 155mm?

Some Australian country towns created ‘avenues of honour’ where trees were planted on the main approach to the town, each tree representing a local man who served in the war.

They are an impressive and moving statement of the numbers involved when, as in the case of the country town my wife came from, the large number of trees is related to the small population in WWI.

This was probably the inspiration for these avenues: http://www.swvic.org/ballarat_avenue_of_honour.htm

They found an old record with a Christmas greeting from an Aussie Digger to his mother when he first touched down in Europe, 1914. A year later, he was killed in action. Was on news in Jan. Going to be homed in museum for all Aussies to see and listen to for the 100 anniversary.

They played part of the 100 year old message. Very touching.

Europe, 1914?

The First AIF left Australia in November 1914 and landed in Egypt, where it stayed until April 1915 when it embarked for Gallipoli.

The news article you mention seems to be about as unreliable as most military comments in the popular news media.

Yes Egypt, sorry.

Here it is.


I thought the same thing as it looks like a projectile, but it may be just a piece left from a destroyed Gun.

One thing that is troubling about WW! is the subsequent French humiliation in 1940. It’s as if the French sacrifice from 1914-18 was in vain.

I saw it and thought it may be a 380mm round from the German guns - minus its ballistic cap - too little to see to be able to really identify though.