WWI flight simulator .

Hi guys . Could somebody , suggest any combat flight simulator for the wwi ?

Hello Kallinikosdrama1992.

Here is a link from the Cole Palen website: http://www.colepalen.com/Downloads.html

This is the flight sim content designed to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, that used to be on the Old Rhinebeck website.
This content has skin-able aircraft, scenery, and various downloadable content.

There is also “FreeSim” a flightsim that works with and is similar to Micrsoft Flight Simulator, but is and has free content, downloadable from Sourceforge.net .

PS, Forget the Old Rhinebeck website for the WW1 Flight Sim: the buggers have linked instead to a WW2 flight sim site, which is useless, because IT has NO Links to the original Rhinebeck Sim. I Just checked both sites.

Hope this info is of assistance,

Kind Regards and Blessed Be, Uyraell.