Afghanistan veterans in here?

Hi everybody, I was just wondering if there was any Afghanistan in here.

I served there last year for some time. I would be very happy to go again. It was the perfect mix of excitement and fear.

Here’s a few pictures!

In FOB Wilson (best place to be when serving in Afghanistan; unlike Kandahar no one pisses you off there)

Waiting for the chopper in FOB Wilson; party was over… :frowning:

Sitting on top of an M113 in Kandahar :army:

Improvised football game! :smiley:

First of all - I’ve never been there (and I thank God for it), the Bundeswehr lost a several blokes there lately.
I just want to express that it is appreciated that you’re showing these photos here.

I carefully choose the pictures I show on the net. :wink:

EDIT: I have a lot more but I can’t find the usb stick they are on… :S

Post them when you can, we are patient.

What are the temperatures there? And thanks for the pictures.

I was there last fall so it was around 10°C in the morning, around 30°C at noon and around 20°C at dawn. It was pretty good actually. I heard that a few weeks before I arrived it was often around 50°C at noon.

I can’t find my other pictures!!! :S

I got them!

Monument in KAF:

KAF Shit-pond:

Me and an HSVS:

KAF random shot:

KAF Boardwalk:

US convoy:

Jingle truck:



Taliban remains (no kidding):


The General:


Come here Mr. Taliban!






Ragheads holding hands:


Me in an M113 sending a message to Al-Kaida:

That’s about it! I can’t show more really…

Man-love Thursday?

Wow!!! Alot of great pics there. Thanks. Please tell us what you can about how things are going!

Adding: Can you tell us a bit about THE GENERAL??

Please don’t mention that! :shock:

I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

All I can say about The General is that we had a Sheriff too @ Wilson but he got transfered to PBSG while I was there for some reason.

Really nice pictures! I’m really shocked and amazed and something I don’t have to be piss about. From the looks of things I think it’s not that hot in there. Have you ever been on a firefight there? That would be cool. Oh no, I think my immaturity are showing again… but talk about more… :wink:

Yes, it is.

ced381 can decide whether or not he wants to respond to your question, but for future reference don’t ask such questions of veterans of any war in a public forum and especially not on this one, nor privately if you have any sense or sensitivity and, in some extreme cases, don’t want a kick in your balls for an answer.

The fact that I had to say that shows that it would be pointless to try to explain to you why you shouldn’t do it. Just accept the advice; follow it; and wait until you have acquired enough understanding of life to know why you shouldn’t do it. And then you won’t.

But, for the time being, just try to grasp this: being shot at, shelled, or bombed; being wounded or killed; having your mates wounded or killed; shooting at other people; and wounding or killing them is not ‘cool’.

Don’t make the mistake of reducing any experience of war to an idiotic term like ‘cool’, because it is anything but ‘cool’.

Very nice pic of the Ma Deuce. One in five’s a tracer if I got it right?

…and btw, whatever an HSVS is, it’s huge!:wink:

Many people asked me those two questions: “Have you ever been in a firefight?” & “Did you kill anyone?”

I simply answer “no”. You can believe me or not, in the end the truth is my own business.

I’m not mad or anything, just be careful because some vets are a bit more sensible on the matter. Never forget that war isn’t like Call of Duty Modern Warfare; you won’t respawn on the next round if you get killed. :wink:

Btw it’s AHSVS, I forgot the A… It’s basically a Mercedes-Benz Actros with a LOT of armour attached to it. I can’t say much about them but I can say that the doors weight roughly 800 pounds and must be opened with an hydrolic cylinder. Also it’s technically indestructible since the cabin is pressurized and has a V-shaped bottom; it would just fly right off the truck in case of a major blast, disabling the truck but saving the crew. Ok I said too much… :wink:

Normal Actros:

Aw, my apologies, never want to do that again sir. I’m just 15. I don’t know what I’m talking about. :wink:

Don’t call me sir, I ain’t no goddamn officer, I work for my money. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re forgiven.

You actually do know what you’re talking about on some things, but on the ones you don’t we’ll provide you with free advice on how to behave to help you age quickly into a grizzled old fart, like the mods. :wink: :smiley:


An old saying comes to mind.

Put your Brain in Gear before you take your Mouth out of Neutral.

I got hardly any pics of my time in Iraq or Afghan and most I have were pictures taken by others long before the resurgence came around. ‘2002 for Afghan, 2003 and 2006 for Iraq’