Be of Good Cheer..

A very Merry Christmas, and New Year to all of our Members, everywhere. And also to those who serve in Foreign Lands far from home, and Family.

Merry Christmas to you as well…

Mery christmass seems to me is religious celebration. Are you that much religiuos, friends or this is just tradition?

It’s some of Both for most Christian Americans, to some it is a very Holy day, to others merely a tradition of gift giving, and family gatherings, but having no particular Religious significance. Your Country has Sviatyi Vechir, (Holy Evening) Which usually (IIRC) includes a special large meal, and singing of Caroles (Koliadky )
I dont know if this was the way of Ukraine before 1917, or if it continued after, but it sounds like it was an important part of Christmas. And, lets not forget Grandfather Frost. (I know, I look like him. ) :slight_smile: I wish you a very peaceful, safe, and prosperous New Year friend Chevan !

That’s great, dear friend TG! Very nice to hear the warm words form you. And yes, you looks much like model Grandfather frost in your last public photo , i remember;))))) Yet i m very impressed - you know about Koliadki. It was very popular before 1917 but now is dying event. Plus i’m very critical about Ortodox church - as about any religia as well. Newertheless i glad to any incoming holidays, and possibilities to congratulate all of you , guys with happy days, whatever it is…

A belated Merry Xmas to all.

But I’ll get in early with A Happy New Year. :smiley:

Mate, it’s a major commercial enterprise. Many large and small retail businesses here make their main profit at Xmas.

Christ went out of Christmas a long time ago, possibly starting about the time that Coca Cola invented the modern and now standard image of Santa Claus.

Down here, it’s a religious event for the minority of our population who are serious Christians. For the rest it’s more about an end of year celebration focused on getting together with family and friends without any religious content. It’s enjoyed by plenty of people who aren’t Christians, notably many Muslims who join in the getting together with family and friends.

Go to some Muslim dominated countries such as Malaysia and you’ll find that their retail stores are happily getting into the swing of making money at Xmas. (BTW, contrary to ill informed people who think that X rather Christ is insulting, the X for Christ has been used for centuries by religious people, as in letters and notes I’ve had from Catholic priests here who signed "Yours in X’).

There are, of course, hardliners in Muslim countries who oppose Xmas and even Santa hats.

Thank you very much old Friend, On the New Year, I will tip a toast to you, and all my Friends here, and around the world. (that may be a lot of Toasts. ) :wink: :slight_smile:

I’ll add my Happy’s to that,

Happy day after Boxing day! Computer wasn’t working correctly, so I’m a bit late.

As i guessed - the Xmass is a pure marketing;))

Which is why it never took off in communist countries. :wink: :smiley:

Marketing requires individual enterprise instead of central control by a bureaucracy committed to making sure that nobody has any fun. :wink: :smiley:

Seriously, there are three aspects to Xmas in the West.

  1. The commercial exercise where businesses engage energetically in the basic capitalist tactic of trying to separate people from their money. That is the marketing aspect.

  2. The real Xmas experienced by many people, which is about family for those who have family and, often, charity for those who don’t. And various traditions, such as it being the only time soldiers in our army are served lunch by their senior NCOs and officers.

  3. The Xmas experienced by people like me, who see it as a pain in the arse because it requires us to engage in 1. and 2. above and pretend we actually give a shit.

Just in time to wish a happy New Year to everyone!

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. And my hope is for everyone to have a blessed and happy New Year!

A Safe, and Happy New Year to all of us, Imbibe, and Feast well !

No Matter Churchill, any time is a good time. :slight_smile:

Good to see you, flamethrower…

Everyone have a Happy New Year…

Did indeed Nick, at Midnight, the fireworks were going off like it was a Firefight, very enjoyable. I usually stay in on New Years, watched Jackie Chan Movies… :slight_smile:
I hope everyone survived the night well, and not too many hangovers… :wink: :slight_smile:

No hangovers thankfully, usually spend New Years at home pacing myself with beer…