what is your favorite (fictional and non-fictional) book on ww2?

New book forum. Yea :smiley: The admin asked me to move books topics in here. If you remember any books that you have meantioned in the past please post them in here. Thanks.

A favorite book of mine. William Shrier’s Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich. Great book that give alot of insight into the background and inner working of Hitler’s empire. I suggest everyone interested in WW2 read it. :slight_smile:

I reccomend a fictional book called Garden Of Beasts By Jeffery Deaver its a new book about a guy who tries to assasinate an important official in the German governmant. Most of its fictional, however allot info is actually facts and makes you feel what it was like to live in Germany around 1936 when Hitler was preparing for war. A good page turner, I finished it in under a week.

The Secret Diary of Anne Frank. Anne Frank
The Gurkha’s “Better to die than be a Coward” John Parker 1988

Fictional one.
Neal Town Stephenson
Great book. Strongly recommended.

Winter Fire was good 8)
German Boy was good as well
Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich as stated above was also an excellent read.

Defeat into Victory by Field Marshal Slim. Probably the only book written by a WW2 general who could actually write, and Slim was quite possibly the best general on any side in WW2.

My favorite book is: Konvoy PQ-17

I flew for the fuhrer

I read ‘The Second World War’ by Winston Churchill last year. It’s an excellent account, although it is very long and I suspect that the author is not entirely without bias. Even so, I can highly recommend it.

‘Fighter Boys’ was an enjoyable read. It’s the story of the RAF told through its pilots. As is expected, the Battle of Britain dominates. The full reference is:
Bishop, P., ‘Fighter Boys’, HarperCollins, London, 2003.

The autobiographies of Marshal Zhukov and General Heinz Guderian are both worth reading. I don’t think that needs any explanation.

‘Panzer Commander’ by Hans von Luck. The autobiography of a man who served under Guderian and reached Colonel by the end of the war, when he was captured by the Russians and spent ten years in a Gulag.

There are more - I made good use of my University’s library last year. A shame I’ve been too busy this year.

A copy of ‘Defeat into Victory’ is currently winging its way to my house along with a biography of Field Marshal Slim, thanks to ebay.

Crab also look for the Unofficial History. This is Slim’s WW1 and early WW2 encounters and “Defeat into Victory” follows on from it.

You will also note that he was about to give up the uniform and return to Great Britain to write or start a new career just as the war started.

oh!,i forgot to recommend you the book atchung panzer! by Heinz Guderian.

Quartered Safe Out Here - George MacDonald Fraser (Burma)
With the Jocks - Peter White (British Army Europe 1945)
The Forgotten Soldier - Guy Hajer (German Eastern Front)

Not combat related:
The Truce - Primo Levi (Odyssey-like return from Auschwitz via western Russia)

My favourite book which im still reading!! has to be " D-Day" by Stephen E. Ambrose.
Any one else read this book ?

Best WWII Books:

Atchung Panzer! : Heinz Guderian
Turning the Tides; Decicesive Battles of the Second World War: Nigel Cawthorne
The Diary of Anne Frank
Duel of Eagles: Peter Townsend

my fav WWII book is soldier boys

well thats the only WWII book i have read

I read a Battle for Moscow .Very good book.

I would like to ask you what you think are really good books on the aircraft of the Second world war. It can be about the pilots who flew, the history of, or even the very technical stuff.

Generally, Osprey Aircraft Series could be a good choice.