Inline moderation

Hi everyone!

I’ll present below a short guide on what is called on this board “inline moderation” meaning more or less the old stuff that you were used to.

So let’s start.

When posting you have the opportunity to close or to stick the thread after posting:

  1. Merge posts
    For merging posts you have to select the posts to be merged (those selected gaining a yellowish background) and from the “mod panel” from the lower right to select “Merge posts” and to select “Go” (in this case “Go (2)”:

On the next screen you’ll see the future merged posts in a single window:

Click on “Merge posts” and you’ll see the result in my next picture in this post.

  1. Move posts
    You have to select the movable post(s) (you’ll notice the result of merging as well) , to select “move posts” and “go”

It seems that I am limited to 4 pictures per post. Don’t go away! I’ll be back soon!

Sorry for this long pause.


The next screen will appear:

  1. Delete posts.
    As usual you have to select post(s) select delete posts and go:

Next screen will appear:

In this example I select as follows:

  1. Closing threads.

…and result:

6.Merging threads:
Select the threads for merging:

Select merge threads (located in the sections on the lower right):


Next screen will appear:

Important: DO NOT LEAVE REDIRECTS!! (select “No” as follows:

…and the result:

Other tools:

Do not forget to select the thread(s) prior to using these tools:

After selecting delete the next screen will appear:

For example purpose I selected:

End of this introduction to our new tools.

Edited. For a while this thread will be sticky.

it seems the new system is a lot harder to play around.

Just it seems, FW.
After 2-3 actions you’ll find the system better than before and just a little bit harder (because there are few more options).
I suggest to play a bit by opening a test thread in site feedback.

A big well done and thanks to Danni for taking the time to produce this excellent guide. If only there was a medal for it I would nominate you.

Cheers mate.

Thanks for your thoughts mate.

Anyway I am glad that we have back our room. It missed me. Without it I made few mistakes on the board (see my pretty offensive posts against the Russians - especially Chevan and Sneaksie).

On the other hand, please exercise your new powers to get used to.

Cheers to all and welcome back!:wink:

Yes, good to have the MOD Room back, saves all the PM’s.

I have noticed that I cand Mod the War Room though, I went to archive some posts to the WRA (War Room Archive) and it doesnt let me. No big deal, just means that Dani FW and Gen S have to do all the work in here.

no, nethier can i
no big deal though

GS have to do the work here.

FW, I noticed that you tested there. It’ s OK?

not a bid deal though
becaues i cannot competely delete the thread.

The option phyically removed is not in my disposal.

Did you select “physically remove” or “soft delete” ?

Nevermind, I’m quite sure that GS and ww2admin will fix that.

yeah, i think so too:)
meanwhile, can you do the honor and delete that thread for me? thanks

Sure mate!


Nevermind, I’m quite sure that GS and ww2admin will fix that.[/quote]

FF, do you have the same problem? Panzerknacker, if you read this, please check.

FF and Panzerknacker, please check if you could see the screens above when you’ll delete your test threads. Also FW, please check once again.