New members topic- Introduce yourself here:

Anyone remember me? I was quite active quite a while ago, before the boards changed hosts. Kind of stopped trolling this forum for quite some time. I checked my bookmarks and found you guys again, and decided to rejoin you once again.

I have been shooting in the time I was gone, and I have these videos to share:

1916 Webley Mk.VI:

Czechoslovakian Brno 1935 Vz.24:

Arsenal SLR-105 (AK-74) (not mine, my friend’s):

Welcome back! :smiley:

He he! Seconded!:wink:

Khmm anyone remember me?

Welcome back DerMann!

I do, I made your sig! Welcome back!

Yes thank you SS Tiger whats up where is everybody?

Most people are still around, the forum is just coming out of a slump at the moment.

Been away for a long time for various reasons, back on for the first time in about a year (I think) today. Are many people still around from when I was last on?

Funny I was just wondering about you! Yea im sure youll find some ppl you remember and alot of the new members are pretty good posters. The trolls are in retreat at the moment. :smiley:

Welcome back!

Cheers Gen. S - I’m just trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed now!

The new layout’s very nice by the way.

Yea been some changes in the last year. Let me know if you need help finding something. Some of the topics you were posting on might be in the archive room which will come in the beginning of the year. Cheers.

Welcome back BDL!
There are those 2 threads that are waiting for you…
Best fighter and best tank if you remember…

:smiley: I remember Dani - I was thinking of just starting them again (once I’ve got myself back into the site proeprly) rather than continuing them as they were - I think they could be organised better and if we start again it would give the newer members of the site a say in the earlier rounds.

Anytime mate! Whenever you’re ready!

Welcome back!

I’ll try and get it started tonight Dani.

Thanks Tiger :smiley:

I am here BDL, always.

Alright mate - how’s life?

I’ll start the tank/fighter things again after Christmas now - too much on at home to be doing them now.

Non too bad, me deary.

Where have you been recently. I’ve just been coursing myself up.

No where exciting - had a few personal things which meant I had to cut my internet time down for a while. Posted to 30SR now, off on a nice Christmas skiing trip next year :wink: