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I just wanted to introduce myself, as I am new to this forum.
My name is Chris Reeve, out of Oklahoma, USA. I am a collector and attempted historian of the German Kavallerie and mounted troops.
I have a site dedicated to this area:
and will chime in occasionally with questions or info (mostly questions).
I just wanted to say hello to all fellow enthusiasts/ collectors.
I am currently looking for information on the German 1st Kavallerie Brigade/ Division and Polish partisan activities particularly involving Henryk Dobrzański, aka Hubal.
Happy Holidays!

Your site looks great.
I don’t have an answer to your question, but welcome to the forum.



Hi Chris,

Welcome on board!
Your site is nice.
If I can help you with “Hubal”, major Dobrzanski, please ask questions.
The latest news are that most probably last year his grave was finally discovered. I check, but last time a read about it, authorities are doing DNA test of this remains comparing with his surviving family members.

“Hubal” is certainly sort of a legend. Controversial but still alive legend.
Did you ever seen movie “Hubal”?
I may try to find it for you. Maybe even with English subtitles.

And do not hesitate - ask questions!
I live in Australia but have many friends in Poland - professional historians and enthusiasts. We can find anything you want!




My father was a Polish cavalry men. Last time on horses in Syria 1942, later armoured Staghounds.


I’m have just joined this Forum and would like to introduce myself.

I’m of Polish extraction and live in the UK.

My father fought in the Polish Campaign September 1939 against the Germans. Later captured and ‘arrested’ by the Soviets and placed in various prison and labour camps.
After the ‘amnesty’ he joined the Polish Army being formed in the USSR.
He later fought with 2nd Polish Corps, part of various units in Italy 1943-45.

My mother (along with her mother and father) were ‘arrested’ and ‘deported’ from Lwów to Kazakhstan by the Soviets (most probably NKVD) in April 1940.

One of my uncles, on my mother’s side, was also ‘deported’ by the Soviets.

My other uncle, on my mother’s side, was ‘arrested’ and ‘deported’ by the Soviets for apposing them after their invasion of Poland on 17 September 1939.

Due to many varied reasons, apart from being of Polish extraction, my main interest is the Polish contribution to the fighting in WWII. Also interested in all other aspects of WWII but to a lesser degree.


My user name, 1PUK, stands for 1. Pulk Ulanów Krechowieckich. (1st Border Lancer Regiment)
My grandfather, mothers side, fought in the 1PUK against the Bolsheviks in the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-1921.

Hello Marek! Nice to meet you.

I am Igor. Born in Moscow, 32 y.o, radio engineer, married, 2 kids.

I hope that you will like this forum just like others and I do. Great place, I think.
It is also nice place to get your brains cleaned up. :slight_smile: Because you will hear so many different oppinions and views on the subjects, that it will really make the hair move on your skull. For me, at least, it does.

Please, do not be put off by some of the hard and sarcastic comments. Like mine, for example. In any case, here is my excuses. Just in case for the future. :wink:

By the way, since you mentioned Polish-Soviet war 1919-1921. I would like to ask. Why word “Polish” stands in front of “Soviet”? Do you think it is because Poland started the war?

Best regrads
Igor Korenev

Hello Igor,

Thank you for your welcome.

The reason I wrote ‘Polish-Soviet’ war is that is how I have seen it written.

Best Regards,

Czesc 1PUK,

pleasure to meet you!

My grandfather was in 1PUK in 30’s :wink:

Czesc Kovalski

Mnie jest rowniez milo.

Was he still with them in 1939?


Welcome Marek!

Hope you’ll meet some friends here, not only to learn or to share something new.

Hi Marek,

Welcome to the site.


Thanks Dani & Rob


My laptop has playing up, so until I sort it I’ll have to make do with this old machine I dug up. Hope all is well, regards, Jack.

Welcome back…feeling your pain the the craptop. My is messed up all the time. Anyhow glad your back.

Nice to have some news from your side SS T, we hope you come back soon.

Good to Meet You
Thank you for sharing some of your information with us.
Hope you enjoy the site!

Joined your board–looks great–Great study in WWII history–bobr19

Welcome abord Bobr19, I am glad you like it. :rolleyes:

Welcome Bobr19, Good to have your here. Hope you enjoy the forums.