New members topic- Introduce yourself here:

I’m new too, and i think this place is great…

Cool glad to have you with us to Linds7612.

Welcome privates bobr19 and Linds7612,Have a great time in the forums.:mrgreen:

This site is pretty cool,I am a gamer that also enjoys history.Favorite channel is the Military Channel.

P.S. This is a WW2 forum why isn’t there any war smileys?lol

Hello, so good to meet you. Hope you have a nice time here. I am a gamer too on the Xbox360.

Welcome Ace tankkiller, quite a name the yours. :smiley:

Welcome Private Ace Tankkiller,hope you enjoy this wonderful forum about the amzing but horrid war of world war 2

Info on Wikipediański

:!: And take my welcome too Linds.

I’m very happy to have found this site about WW2.
I love the WW2 story especially about Italy.
Sorry for my english, isn’t my 1st language because I’m italian.
I live around Valconca Valley where during the WW2 the German Soldiers fought the allied near the Gothic Line.
In the next day will post some photos about this.

Benvenuto Cervex, the presentations of the new members are done in here. :rolleyes:

glad to meet you and your city has some very good WW2 historiac battles where you live. Great to have you to the forum.

Welcome Cervex!

Hi. My name’s Roy. Didn’t even know this thread existed. I live in Texas but was born in Delft during the terrible last 6 months of WW2 when the Germans just cleaned out everything and left little to nothing for the people to eat. Fortunately, I remember nothing of this but my parents remembered it all and told us about it. My father’s “job” in the Netherlands was taking downed US and British pilots through Belgium across France and into Spain. He said later that the hardest thing to do was to get the Americans to shut up on train rides! LOL. Whatever. He survived and showed back home in Holland in a Canadian Sergeant’s uniform. Quite a guy. Quite a mother to have held it all together with three kids. No wonder I’m interested. As for Texas, I got here as soon as I could.

Welcome Royal.

If you are interested I am still working to get this anoyying pickle out.

hello Royal quite an interesting life

HaHa, sorry, knacker, I got carried away!

HaHa, sorry, knacker, I got carried away!

Despite rumours of my demise, I’m still alive & kicking.

It’s just that I don’t have much time for wombling through the wibbly wobbly web at the moment.

Anyone who says the pen is mightier than the sword should realise that they are talking bollocks - especially when the sword has been replaced by the selective fire rifle;-)

Welcome back then.