Please anounce if you will be on Vacation

Maybe this might be a useful topic. :lol:

Anyway I want to announce you that I’ll leave for vacation during 18th to 31st of August.
During this time, I’ll visit daily the forum, but I’m still not sure about the daily time spent.

Also I intend to sign a contract with an ISP for a broadband at home, so maybe I’ll spend more time on the forum. :smiley:

Alright, well this comming Wensday, Aug. 31st, my school starts. It’s 7 hours daily and 5 days a week. I will be able to visit the site still, but not as frequently as I do now. (As of now, I visit the site 5-10 times daily) So just to let you know if I’ve gone inactive for awhile, that’s the cause and I haven’t lost interest in the forums.

Well as you most of you know Im doing my masters. But I try to be around as much as I can. I will be attending a geo-physics field trip sept 12-15 and will not be around those days. Other days if there is every a problem please PM me or you can add me to you messenger. I have ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and AOL. PM me if you want me to add you.

Sorry forgot to tell ya I would be away for the weekend. Ill try to be around as much as I can this week. I hate missing so much coz when I come back its like reading a novel to try and catch up. Anyhow 2 important events this week.

1 Erwin poll closing. (Sept 6 +1 GMT)
2 New mod Poll Opening. (Sometime Wednesday.)

Yes, sir. Who else might we be considering for new moderator?

Hey if we are looking for a new mod, what about Clauss von stauffeberg, he regulary comes to the site and is a good loyal member. :smiley: :smiley:

Just the winner of the election.

Walther hasn’t abandoned the forum.

He’s in the process of moving house at the moment. I discussed this with Dani previously, but forgot that it wouldn’t be general knowledge amongst the mods. He has previously expressed great interest in being a mod and did point out this absence in advance.

Then we should appoint a temporary moderator to take his place for the time being if he wins.

I’m off until saturday. I will be properly away from the internet until then. In case there’s any doubt, I’ll be in a shelter with no water or electricity, but I will be being paid. Hopefully I will get to throw petrol bombs too :slight_smile: (It’s all legal!)

Just incase any of you think im away from the site because i havent posted recently, i am infact going on every day and reading the topics, im just replying lesser. :wink:

Off until thursday or thereabouts. I’ll be in Wales, which is a third world country just west of England. There’s barely any running water or electricity, let alone internet access. I might end up building a village school or digging a well for the starving natives of Swansea. It will rain all the time.

Any news so far?

Danis question above, repeated. I know Im new here but I really do believe a MOD has to be here to do his job!

very true!! and do we have any idea how close Walther is to finishing moving in?

OK, I have read everything and now realise Walther is going to be up and running this month. Im sorry for my statements in other threads. You get a diffrent view from here!

Ok…well I hope so. Any news on Cdo. Jordovski.

Ok…well I hope so. Any news on Cdo. Jordovski.[/quote]

Last login was November 7th. Thats all I know Gen. He hasnt been on MSN Messenger forever either. :?

Ok…well I hope so. Any news on Cdo. Jordovski.[/quote]

Last login was November 7th. Thats all I know Gen. He hasnt been on MSN Messenger forever either. :?[/quote]

Well if they dont start showing up on a regular basis then I will have to demod them. Plus im pretty happy with the mods I have for the moment. I have another idea for a mod if needed.

Crab to be has been completely removed as a mod. However upon his return he can choose to be a mod again. With all perks that go with that. His option.

Also would like to add…does anyone have suggestions for possible new mods. I was thinking of BDL and Tsolias. Im not sure we need so many mods thou. What we have now seems to be effective. Also SAM (whom I have great respect for) hasnt been around much either. So SAM if your reading this let me know whats up! Anyhow what are your opinions on new mods if needed

Dani or SAM since your the Chief mod(s) im going to let you call this one! Should Walther and Cdo. J be demoded. Maybe PMing them would help. But I would like to know whats up. They havent been around forever. Main problem is that you never know when a situation could arise and we need mods here (preferably at all times) to protect the site. Especially since it seems to do better each day. All mods let me know what you think.