Rare WW2 Eastern Front Image

I was terribly got a boner in this one:


More images to come…

Then you’d have to see a shrink for sure…

On the other hand, HOW DID THAT PLANE GOT THERE?! 0_0. rofl!

Possibly the same way Hanna Reitsch and von Greim landed near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in the dying days of the Nazi regime and flew out a few days later under Soviet attack. By courage and flying skill.

It looks like it could have been towed, because the wings look like they are folded for easy tranportation…a good guess!

Here’s another one:

I really don’t know what kind of Heavy MG is that.

With all that flame coming from the muzzle it could be mistaken as a flamethrower!:wink:

With all that flame coming from the muzzle it could be mistaken as a flamethrower!

Haha! Well, that thing looked like it has a very long calibre for a World War 1 MG. And it is too thick and long for a flamethrower mounted on the rear of a halftrack. Darn Germans making it hard to figure out what that weapon is! :smiley:

It is a FlameThrower. The SdKfz 251/16 carried 3 Flammwerfer (Flammwerferen?), two mounted behind small shields as seen in the image, a 3rd attached to a hose, approximately 15 metres long, for use outside the vehicle. The crew carried MP 40’s aboard the halftrack, but it is correspondingly rare to find a 251/16 with an MG34 or MG42.The “barrel shroud” on each mounted Flammwerfer was the size the image shows, and was hardened to protect the Flame tube proper from bulletstrike by enemy small arms.
Also, such pictures of a 251/16 as posted here are, as far as I’m aware, reasonably rare. This is only the second such I’ve seen in well over 30 years.

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Another Image:

German Arty Battery Leader having a sermon. :smiley:




Glad I’m not on the receiving end of those Flammwerferen.
Many Thanks for posting those, FTG. :slight_smile:

Artilleryman holding onto the triggercord is a good pic, jungleguerilla.
Think I saw one like that in a reproduction of “Signal” in the mid-1980’s. Thank you for posting that pic.

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Another Weird WW2 German Weapon.


Thanx for the bundesarchive pics FTG.

Granted, to see a BESA as field mount is a little unusual, but many Czech weapons were employed by various Waffen SS units throughout WW2. I’m not certain why the MG would be described as “weird” though: it was in fact one of the best designs of its’ decade.

Side Note: “Signal” was a German Armed Forces news magazine, published throughout WW2. IN the late 1970’s, early 1980’s there was, for a time, an industry which sprang up to reproduce “authentic copies” of the original WW2-issued editions of various of the German Armed Forces news-magazines, “Signal” being the most commonly seen, though both the Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine also had their own news-magazines.

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Yeah, wasn’t the BESA usually mounted on fixed defenses?

Czech ZB vz.37 or MG 37(t) as the Germans called it, (t) = tschechisch, Czech.
Mostly used by Waffen-SS units.


But he hasn’t flew away after all, having it’s wing demounted :slight_smile:
Actualy it was a usial transportation the easy firgter like I-15/16 by the road/railway

It was usually employed in either fixed defenses or mounted as a tank machine-gun, co-axial or hull gun in British tanks, such as the Cromwell, Crusader, Valentine.
It was also a very sound and reliable weapon, by no means as prone to “cooking off” a round as some of the other in-service machine-guns.

FTG is correct that it is a Czech weapon, and I called it BESA as the British-produced version differed very little from the Czech original, which is why I tend to use the name BESA as a generic.

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My friend, forgive my ignorance here, but was it not the case that the Chaika I153 Bis was almost the only of that Polikarpov family that did not have easily detachable wings due to the repositioning of the fuselage ribs and keel longerons in the lower fuselage?
I seem to recall that with the I153 Bis the detachable wing idea was deliberately sacrificed to speed production of the revised I15 design.
Do you have any information that supports this?

Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.